Your Trusted Roller Door Specialists

Diamond Doors has state-of-the-art computerized production systems on our engineering shopfloor. Together with our professionally qualified contingent of design and precision engineers, we can provide consistent quality and winning results every time

Who We Are

Diamond Doors is managed on sound competitive business principles and staffed by professionals who share a vision of world-class quality and safety. A no-nonsense approach to quality and service enables Diamond Doors to build long-term relationships of mutual trust and respect with our clients.

Diamond Doors has been running strongly since our establishment in 2003 with a cost-effective yet practical and efficient solution each and every time. We have achieved close working relationships with each of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Our professional sales staff helps add value to the needs of our clients by providing expert advice as well as cost-effective solutions.

We pursue an unrelenting quest for excellence, continual improvement, and cutting-edge modernization in our designs, machinery, technology, and staff competence.

Diamond Doors is a BEE-compliant enterprise.